Reef Beef – Episode 9 – FishSlap!!!!

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In this episode we talk about companies making products for problems that don’t exist, why you should wet skim, and share more stories about working in zoos & aquariums.

The first Skeptical Reefkeeping Article:

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:30 How you Doing?
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00:01:35 Beef: Companies making products for fake problems
00:16:15 SPONSOR:
00:19:17 How do you like to skim?
00:25:57 Ben’s philosophy on wet skimming
00:28:45 Hydrophobic Interactions
00:33:20 Wet skimming & Automation?
00:43:58 Tell your friends to listen!
00:44:19 Rich’s Keeper Story: FishSlap!!!!
00:48:32 Ben’s Keeper Story: 12,000 Amazon Tank
00:55:34 Good Bye!