Reef Beef – Episode 14 – Now… Fight!

The genesis of the first ever Reef Beef Experiment.

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:33 How you doing

00:00:44 BEEF: People doing things after watching videos

00:01:49 Ben, tell us a story

00:04:07 Help us grow!

00:04:53 SPONSOR:

00:08:34 Be Skeptical of Company Reps

00:13:03 Rich got free bio pellets

00:19:00 Ben explains bio pellets

00:29:25 Where is the evidence for bio pellets?

00:30:10 Why did Ben try bio pellets again?

00:32:45 The experiment is born

00:35:13 Hardware to quantify

00:37:36 The experiment outline

00:42:45 SUPPORT Reef Beef

00:45:37 What is wrong with the tank?

00:47:39 Is it an herbivore problem?

00:48:09 Make it so.

00:53:46 Good Bye

00:54:27 Bloopers & ASMR