Reef Beef – Episode 10 – The Mother Teresa of Reefkeeping

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In this episode we talk about how Rich is the center of the moral reefing universe and we answer your questions!

Skeptical Reefkeeping 6:

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:05 BEEF: Social issues and appropriate terms to use
00:09:57 Thank you to the Beefers!
00:15:10 BEEF Wrap Up
00:16:03 A wild Grant appears
00:17:00 Q&A, Thanks for the Questions!
00:17:40 Forums? Yes or No?
00:25:59 Rich makes noises
00:27:10 How frequently should a topic be rewritten about?
00:32:34 Ben, the Refugium Hipster
00:38:12 SPONSOR:
00:41:23 Q&A: Lexinverts
00:51:54 Q&A: Omar
00:55:40 Rich uses a straw?!
00:55:58 Racist Bowl, everything is art
00:57:35 Q&A: Don
01:01:36 Q&A: Phatduckk
01:07:39 Q&A: Max1
01:12:38 Q&A: Max2
01:20:48 Q&A: Apex hardware quality?
01:23:58 Q&A: Products we don’t like?
01:28:24 Q&A: saf1
01:29:31 Easter Cave
01:30:01 Q&A: Back to saf1
01:39:09 Thank you Beefers!
01:41:14 Bloopers